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Squashtime in Eindhoven is a leading squash center in the Netherlands and with 15 squash courts also one of the largest squash centers in the Netherlands.


Squash Bond Nederland (Dutch Squash Association) was established in 1938. Squash Bond Nederland (SBN) is the umbrella organisation recognised by the Dutch government for squash in the Netherlands and is affiliated to the Dutch Olympic Committee and Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF). At international level, SBN is part of the European Federation (ESF) and the World Squash Federation (WSF).

Squash Bond Nederland is an active sports association. The association is committed to top sport and competitive sport and provides support for squash centres and associations. The association is also active in promoting squash among different target groups.

SBN organises competitions and tournaments in the Netherlands. These tournaments can be divided into club tournaments, open (league table) tournaments, SBN league table tournaments, PSA and WISPA tournaments, Dutch Championships and international tournaments such as the Dutch Junior Open, the Dutch Open, the EC and WC.

SBN helps individual members to take part in competitions and tournaments, training and education courses, a place on the league table and more.


DPD Parcel Service as the main sponsor is linked to the EC Squash 2020 in Eindhoven.

As a big fan of squash, I am proud that we can once again bring a major squash event to the Netherlands and as DPD, we can contribute to the organisation of the European Championship. The dynamic nature of squash fits in well with DPD. Even for us, no two days are the same, but by working effectively together, we deliver parcels quickly and efficiently to recipients. I would, of course, hope to see this speed, effectiveness and teamwork during the competitions.

-Eric Dietz, CEO DPD Nederland


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